How it Works



Target Followers

At KelpSocial, we help you reach out to the right people so you get the followers you most definitely deserve using only real and organic methods to help build your Instagram. Our advanced algorithms allow you to target niche followers that build up your unique following of real people. Whether you're into fashion, food, dogs, sports, anything under the sun, we make sure you reach out to the right people.


More Likes and Comments

We boast ourselves with the best Instagram knowledge and expertise. Through carefully planned Instagram actions and content management, we can help your Instagram account gain abundant likes and comments in a short matter of time.

Instagram Engagement

Determine what level of engagement you want to have with your followers that you control. Automatically interact with your targeted audience and get more free time to focus on your unique, personal content!



Grow Your Business

With our expertise in Instagram marketing and social media advertisement, we help turn your account into a business, complete with the necessary elements to generate revenue.


Audience Generation

We can target users based on gender, location, interest, and more. Then interact with these users organically, 24/7 driving hundreds of visits to your website per day.

Sales Funnel

Use KelpSocial to create your most successful sales funnel. Bring users to your profile with specific comments and then drop them an introductory DM sharing your offer. This has a 58% click-through rate!


Users are 72% more likely to interact with your business on Instagram than any other platform. If you do not have a professional Instagram page for your business you are missing out on sales!




Happy Growing!!